Go Green Project

The Go Green Project was started when a group of teachers were talking in the lounge and noticed how much paper was in the trash can. They decided there had to be a way to get a recycling system going, especially for paper, as there seemed to be so much of it.  Mrs. Holmes took charge and called the Custer Transfer Station in Broken Bow, NE, for advice. They agreed to stop at the school and pick up our recyclable collections when they came to Sargent to pick up the town recycling trailer. The Transfer Station also provided the school with the large recycling containers. With Box Top for Education funds, small, blue containers were purchased to be placed within each classroom as collection bins of paper, newspaper, magazines and light weight cardboard.  In conjunction with the FBLA chapter, students help to keep the cans emptied and collections ready to be picked up.

Below are pictures of the winners from the Go Green Coloring Contest:

img_2924 img_2926 img_2928 img_2929 img_2932 img_2934 img_2936