2009 Grants Awarded

The Bulldog Education Foundation has awarded two more grants at the Sargent Public School.  The first grant was for a receiver and a Mobi Tablet.  The receiver  works with  “clickers” that allow each student to answer a question simultaneously with a press of a button.  The school had one receiver for 32 “clickers”.  By purchasing another receiver, the school will be able to use this system in two different classes.  This system is used in both the high school and elementary classes.  The Mobi tablet works with the clickers and by itself in combination with a projector/computer.  The teacher can move around the classroom and write things on the pad that will show up on the projected image being viewed by the students.  The total cost for these items was $730.  The Foundation used money from the undesignated funds to fill this grant request.

nancy showing mobi[1]

The second grant was for a computer to be used for running the school scanner, downloading video from digital cameras and video cameras and creating CD’s and DVD’s.  The computer used at the school for the scanner worked very slowly and had problems with locking up.  To create DVD’s needed by staff and students, a staff member took them home because there was not a computer at the school that could do it.  This computer will be used for both the elementary and high school students.     The total grant for this computer was $1200 and money designated for technology and in the undesignated funds were used for this proposal.

The Foundation is committed to enhancing and supporting the education of the Sargent Public School students.  The Foundation board feels that these grants will help all the students at our school.  Even after our big fundraiser in December, we have continued to receive some funds.  We will hold our next meeting in June.  Rhonda Davis and Paul Ottun were replaced on the board by Trent Rothemeyer and Lori Cox.  Other members are Juanita Beran, Al Smith and Kristin Slagle.  If you are interested in more information about the Foundation or the next meeting, please contact Kristin Slagle.