2010 Grants Awarded

School Library -$2000 mathing funds for a computerized system for the
library.  The SHS will be able to check before going to the library if a
certain book is available.  It will also allow for a computerized search
of resources available in the library for reports, etc.

Music Department – $200 for a new amplifier.  The school currently has two
students which play the electric guitar.  Currently, the school does not
have a working amplifier.

Art Department – $300 Beautifying the blank wall on the east side of the
school.  Mrs. Holmes is planning to have students plant flowers, etc in
this area and install a drip line.  Additional funding for this project
are coming from the art department fundraisers.

High Ability Learners Program – $300 to attend a session at the Egderton
Explorit Center in Aurora this summer for students in this program.

Bulldog Food Program – The backpack program that provides food on the
weekends for SHS families needing assistance became part of the Bulldog
Education Foundation. Money has been designated to support this program
and the Foundation has begun funding this program

A one time $200 scholarship for 2010 in honor of past Sargent graduate,
Becky Lukesh , has been added the the Bulldog Foundation.